Why is House Restumping Important? When and How to Go About It.

In Australia, houses are raised on stumps to counter the effects of soil movement due to rains. If the soil moves so much that your house’s floor is no longer level, or there are cracks in the plaster work, for example, then your home’s structural integrity might be compromised. This is a good time to consider getting a house restumping done. If you’re a local, try searching for an affordable house restumping company in Perth.

Restumping or reblocking a house basically means changing the “pillars” on which it stands. The house is slightly jacked up, and the wooden stumps that it’s resting on are replaced by new wooden ones, or steel or concrete ones. This process includes resetting the floor levels – which can result in cracked plaster, damaging some tiles, and warping some door frames.

What Are the Signs That Your House Needs Restumping?

How do you find out whether your house requires restumping? If your doors and windows stick, your floor is bowed or uneven, and the dinnerware you put so lovingly in the dining area cabinet clinks against each other when someone walks by, chances are that the house needs restumping. Outside the house, you can check if the brickwork is cracking, and if the wooden stumps are rotting due to the moisture in the soil. If you dig 10-15 cm beside a wooden stump and scratch its base, and the wood gives in – rest assured that it can’t hold up your house.

Now, you can ask for a partial restumping, but it’s usually better to get them all replaced at the same time, because restumping can be expensive. Just because the decay is not showing on several stumps doesn’t mean they’re ok from the inside. If you find high watermarks on 20%-30% of the stumps, get them all replaced, mate.

What Is the Cost of House Restumping?

Soil condition, accessibility of the subfloor space to the workers, number of stumps/area of the house, stump holes, and where your house is located – all of these and more affect the quote a restumper gives to each client. It can be quite expensive, so if your house is an older home that’s about to undergo a lot of renovation, or if it shows signs of its stumps decaying, get all the stumps replaced at one go.

Before Signing the Contract

Before signing on the dotted line, you can ask whether we’ll be replacing all the stumps or just some of them, and whether the floor level will be the same height after the work is completed or will it be higher. Ask us if we’ll guarantee that the floors of the house will be levelled, that you’ll be able to easily open the windows and doors after we’re done working, and whether we’ll put the floorboards back as they were (as well as the carpeting), after the work concludes. So, finally, how do you know whether we’re the contractor you’ve been looking for? Ask us which jobs we previously worked on, what our challenges were, and how we overcame them.

Choosing Restump My House to Restump Your House

That’s us! We’re licensed, experienced, and courteous in our dealings. Our services are also affordable compared to other restumpers or at least competitively priced.

If you’re looking for affordable and quality house restumping, fill out a form on our website for a free quote, or call Restump My House at 0475 283 171.


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