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Do you feel your existing home is too small for your family? Or do you think it’s time you should invest in flood-proofing your home in Boddington? 

House raising is the way to go!

We are an established house raising company in Boddington, who can raise the current foundation of your home. We not only lift the home above flood level, but also create usable space to add value to your home. 

Offering Expert Restumping, Releveling And Subfloor Rectification To Boddington

Restump My House Perth offers reliable and quality house releveling and restumping in Boddington, as well as subfloor rectification services, to make your home safe and functional. To have peace of mind at home, it’s important to have strong foundations.

House Restumping in Boddington

House restumping is necessary to reinforce the structural integrity of your home or business. If you want to create an extension, restumping is the first step in the process. For example, you’ll require house restumping if some or all of the stumps bearing the weight of your property need to be replaced.

Restumping services are also required if the wooden planks that make up your verandah are loose or the floor looks unlevel. This isn’t something you can postpone to next year – if the structure collapses, rebuilding the structure would cost far more. Such work must be undertaken quickly and efficiently to prevent more structural issues. We offer house restumping services in Boddington.

Which restumping material to use for your home depends on several factors. Our restumping experts would be happy to explain to you why they chose timber over metal or vice versa.

House Releveling in Boddington

One house’s foundation is usually different from that of another’s. To check if your house needs releveling or repositioning services, here are the signs:

There can be many reasons as to why the stumps underneath your house need reinforcing or
replacing. Excavation work may be required for this undertaking. One of the main reasons for restumping is that the soil underneath your structure can shift due to changes in the moisture content. This can lead to your house’s foundations sinking or deteriorating.

Another reason why this occurs is that the builders in Boddington who constructed your house did so more several decades ago, and there has been significant damage or wear and tear from age. Other possibilities include a poor drainage system and leaking pipes.

Call us today to schedule an inspection to determine the extent of the damage inflicted to your house’s foundations, and its cause.

Subfloor Rectification

The space beneath your floor provides adequate ventilation for your home. It isn’t one that you’d pay much attention to, but it’s important. In addition to the flooring components being made of wood, this space is usually filled with building waste or old timber, and so is vulnerable to pest infestation, mould or water damage.

If you need your subfloor repaired, or have a building report that indicates certain problems there require rectification, call Restump My House Perth to schedule inspection and give you an obligation-free quote.

Here are certain signs that your subfloor needs rectification:

• Creaking floor

This may be due to damaged or loose joists. Restump My House Perth’s team can carry out an inspection to pinpoint the exact cause of your floor creaking.

• Sinking or uneven floors

Walking on an uneven floor can be frustrating as well as dangerous. If your floor feels spongy to walk on, this points to a problem existing with your subfloor. The damage sustained may be due to moisture, age, or pests. Our team can clean, and ventilate all types of subfloors, no matter what the problem is. Restump My House Perth rectifies subfloors in new buildings and old ones, alike.

• Damp or wet areas

If the subfloor space is filled with water from a burst, cracked or leaking pipe or is blocked in any other way, it cannot help ventilate your home. If there is water underneath your floor, it will retain more moisture, and there may be water pooling, pests, and mould growth there. If this problem is not tended to, it can lead to greater damage to the structure.

The Restump My House Perth team is experienced in diagnosing and carrying out subfloor rectification work across different properties, uses tried and true techniques combined with high-tech equipment and quality materials to deliver long-lasting results. Call us today for customised subfloor rectification solutions, or fill out a web form – we’ll get back to you right away.

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