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Restump My House Perth

Restump My House Perth is an independent family run company making homes safe and functional for Western Australia families.

We specialise in restumping, releveling and subfloor rectification work in the Perth and outer suburbs.

We take pride in our reliable and outstanding service; with a focus on always properly consulting clients, working within their budget and providing personalised solutions.

You should have peace of mind that your family’s home is safe and the foundation of your home is the best place to start.

Always on time
Insured and Licensed
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Here are the frequently asked questions

  • Sloping floors or uneven floors

  • Cracks in the tiling or plasterwork

  • Doors not closing properly or jamming

  • Decay in the timber stumps

  • Bouncy or loose floors

If you have any of the above-mentioned signs we recommend reblocking and also if built prior to 1970. The presence of extensive moisture in the foundation is another factor that can contribute to the need for reblocking and restumping.

A house can be restumped at any floor level to secure the foundations from sinking any further. To relevel a home requires alot of hydraulic jacks placed under the house bearers and pushed up to level the floors. Please ensure if you are looking to have your floors flat, ask to relevel prior to restumping.

The cost will vary depending on the size and age of the property and also the amount of damage to the foundation. For a standard small three-bedroom house the cost will be in the range of $3000- $9000 and above.

In most cases, we can complete the reblocking works within 2 – 10 days.

  • In most cases, you do not have to leave the property, however, if there is insufficient height under the sub-floor the floors will need to be removed 400mm which is the minimum clearance.

  • This would require the house to be vacant as well as furniture removal.

This depends on the house and the type of plaster as some houses may only need painting and some may need to be replastered. You can be rest assured that we try to minimize the plaster damage. If your home requires releveling prior restumping, you may have alot more cracks to plaster, cornice and ceilings.

If we have a clearance of 400 mm underneath the house then there is no need to remove floorboards, however, if the clearance is less than 400 mm we will need to remove the floorboards to gain access. If the floorboards are in good condition they may be relayed. Which is a service we offer.

Restumping should be the 1st step in the renovation process as restumping the house post-renovation may compromise the level and damage any new renovations.

Reblocking and restumping refers to the process in which the old ‘blocks’ or ‘stumps’ in the foundations are replaced with concrete stumps. Underpinning is the process where we dig under the strip footing and support it by a larger concrete pad increasing the size of the area of support, this is called a pin a house may need one or many of these pins.

We use the best quality H5 Treated pine stumps to replace the old deteriorating  stumps.