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We offer expert house restumping services to strengthen house foundations and repair structural damage.

Timber house stumps can age and weaken with time, affecting the structural integrity of the house. It causes uneven and sinking floors and cracks on the walls and ceilings. If not addressed immediately, the stumps can collapse, weakening your house foundations and damaging the interior.

Don’t delay restumping your house because of the cost or time involved. We provide affordable house restumping services carried out by experienced contractors. They identify the problems and then work on resolving them with skill and precision. Whether you want replacement or reinforcement, we do it without delay at competitive prices.

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Restumping made easy and hassle-free

Restumping involves supporting the house on hydraulic jacks to take the weight off the existing damaged stumps. Once our restumping engineers determine the height to which the house must be raised, we begin the lifting process. The lifting is usually done by lifting a few stumps at a time. That allows us to lift an entire section together. Once the lifting is complete:

We use only the highest quality of materials and high tech equipment to give you results that last. All our workers are trained and routinely updated on the latest industry compliant methods.

House restumping is the first step before you can get any renovations or expansion done to your property. Once your foundations are secure and the house raised, it saves time and money to get other maintenance work done if required.

House restumping requires a specialised skill set and knowledge. If it takes too long, it can cause additional cracks and levelling issues. That’s why speed and efficiency are critical to the house restumping process.

With our reliable crew of professional contractors, your house restumping is done in the shortest possible time, safely and quickly, giving you a home that will last you for years to come.

Verandah Restumping

Is your verandah leaning to one side?

Or are the loose planks making it a safety hazard for you and your family?

We can restump and repair your verandah to restore it to its original glory. This will ensure that you enjoy your outdoor space all year round without worrying about falling or injuring yourself.

We also offer releveling and subfloor rectification services. This allows you to get your property restumping, repair, maintenance work done in one go. We offer, both partial and full restumping for commercial and residential properties.

Whether you need a few stumps replaced or all of them, we can do it all. We advise you to get a thorough assessment of all your stumps’ conditions before opting for house restumping. That will give you the confidence and peace of mind that your house’s foundations are sturdy and in good condition, even if you’re not planning on extensions.

We can service up to 250km around the Perth CBD, including Narrogin, Darlington, Busselton, Boddington, Chittering, and Perth Hill.

Our customer services are available 24/7 for your assistance. You can expect us to arrive on time and start work without delay with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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We replace house stumps & level timber floors.

Restump My House Perth is an independent family run company making homes safe and functional for families in Western Australia.

We specialise in restumping, releveling and subfloor rectification work in Perth and the outer suburbs.

Always on time
Insured and Licensed
Reliable Workmanship