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We restore your house's position to its original state by repairing and releveling the foundations.

Do you have sloping floors, cracked walls, and jammed doors? These signs indicate that your house foundations need repair and repositioning. 

Due to natural wear and tear, moisture and shifting of soil, your house foundations can move, sink and deteriorate. When this happens, the structural integrity of the house is weakened. In extreme circumstances, this can even cause the house to collapse!

We offer an effective way of repairing your foundations and stabilising your property. 

As the leading house raising company in Perth, we have years of proven experience with releveling and reblocking houses. With our knowledge and expertise, we can work on releveling of all types of foundations, including stumps and concrete slabs. We offer affordable house releveling services for both manufactured and mobile homes, no matter what the size.

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Identifying the cause and taking action

It is common for a new house foundation to sink and settle a bit in the first couple of years. But if your floors sink or one side of your house is lower than the other, you need to get your stumps checked. The issue could be happening because of weakened stumps or slabs that are affecting the stability of your home. It is essential to get an inspection done straight away to identify the cause and check the extent of the damage.

The most common reasons for a weakening foundation are:

Whatever the cause, delaying the repair of your foundations and releveling your house can have catastrophic effects on your property. The gaps caused by damaged stumps widen, and the house’s structural integrity is compromised. As a reliable house releveling expert, we can inspect and guide you on the best course of action.


Call in the House Releveling Professionals

Every structure’s foundation base is not the same. That’s why releveling for each house must be carried out accordingly. The bears and joists have to be adjusted and levelled. Sometimes the stumps need to be replaced or reinforced with stronger beams.

House releveling is a specialised and complicated process that requires a specific set of skills. Our expertise allows us to apply customised releveling solutions to each structure. We use steel beams with sturdy materials to strengthen your new stumps. The excavation or digging is carried out under experienced supervisors to protect your house and prevent accidental damage. Our company is fully accredited and insured with public liability, worker compensation and personal accident coverage.

Our friendly customer service is always available on call for any assistance you might need. We communicate and guide you every step of the way during your house releveling, addressing your concerns and requirements. Our priority is to give you best results and a long-lasting, stable foundation for your home.

We understand that house releveling and restumping is a monumental task. That’s why we aim to make it as hassle-free as possible by giving you a transparent service at reasonable rates. We guarantee an unmatched result that exceeds your expectations.

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We replace house stumps & level timber floors.

Restump My House Perth is an independent family run company making homes safe and functional for families in Western Australia.

We specialise in restumping, releveling and subfloor rectification work in Perth and the outer suburbs.

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