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Subfloor rectification and repair services to maintain the health and safety of your home.

Many people haven’t seen what is beneath their floors, and don’t pay any mind to that area it until there’s an issue. Subfloor space, the space beneath your floor, can be filled with old timber or building waste, and can be susceptible to pest infestation, water or mould damage, and ventilation issues. 

Maybe you’ve received a building report stating issues with your subfloor, or are aware that a repair is needed. Our subfloor rectification team has been repairing homes in Perth and surrounds for many years. 

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Signs You Need Subfloor Rectification

Wet or Damp Areas

Subfloor space is responsible for providing adequate ventilation to your home. If the space is compromised, for example, by a burst pipe, you can experience retained moisture, water pooling and mould growth. Both mould and pests love damp areas, and can cause significant damage to your property if left unattended to.

Creaking Floors

While common in older properties, a creaking floor can be an indication of loose or damaged joists. A quick inspection from one of our team can find the root cause of your creaky floors.

Sinking or Uneven Floors

Hard to ignore and also a trip hazard, a sinking floor can be an indication of  an old or damaged subfloor. Whether it feels spongey or just dips down a bit, our team will inspect the subfloor area to see if the cause is from age, moisture, pests or anything else, and explain the process of rectification.

Our Perth based team is experienced in diagnosing and fixing subfloors space across all types of properties. We offer solutions to clean out, ventilate and rectify all types of subfloors, from old to new buildings. 

The Subfloor Rectification Professionals in Perth

As the leading company for building and subfloor rectification in Perth, we provide customised subfloor rectification solutions that are durable and aesthetic. We use only the highest quality materials and high tech equipment to give you results that last. We use a combination of precision and symmetry with tried and tested techniques to deliver beautiful and durable subfloor rectification.

Our lines of communication are always open, and you can contact our friendly sales service for any assistance you need.

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We replace house stumps & level timber floors.

Restump My House Perth is an independent family run company making homes safe and functional for families in Western Australia.

We specialise in restumping, releveling and subfloor rectification work in Perth and the outer suburbs.

Always on time
Insured and Licensed
Reliable Workmanship
Competitive Prices