Termite Damage Repair North Perth

Termites are powerful threat to homes & buildings in Perth.  These pests are usually responsible for as much as 20% of carbon mineralization. It might sound astonishing, but around 350 species of termites are found in Australia and approximately one in five homes in Perth is subject to termite infestation.

How They Feed Themselves

  • The most commonly found species of termites in Australia are the subterranean ones. These species principally feed on timber, as it is a rich source of sugars, starches and cellulose.

  • Termites often draw protein from fungi. And Sapwood is by far their favourite because they supply sufficient quantities of protein.

How Termites Behave

  • Termites live in colonies with castes which have different functions or duties.

  • They require access to a permanent supply of water and moisture.

  • As they maintain their nests at 96% humidity they look for damp surroundings to grow and multiply.

  • Their metabolism functions in a body temperature of 26 to 36 degrees Celsius.

  • The colony may be in groups of a few hundreds to millions.

How They Grow and Multiply

  • To put it simply, the life cycle of a termite is: Egg – Nymph – Adult.

  • Like ants, they have a king and a queen.

  • When a new site is selected, the future king and queen hollow out a cosy chamber to lay eggs.

  • Initially the parents shoulder the responsibility of nurturing the eggs. And then , the worker termites do the rest of the upbringing.

  • Termites have the ability to groom each other with their mouth and antennae.

If you have a property that has had termite damage, please contact us for and inspection 0477716686

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