House Stump Replacement Fremantle

Symptoms of Failed Stumps

Apart from the possibility of eventual total house collapse, there are many other more subtle signs that stumps under your house are failing.

  • Windows and doors are hard to open

  • Door locks are not in correct alignment

  • Floors are not level or slope

  • Cracks in your cornice or internal walls

  • Vibrations in your floor when you walk

  • Things roll across your floors

  • Cupboards shake and rattle

  • Furniture falls over and things fall off walls

If left uncorrected, these problems have potential to ruin possessions, create life threatening situations such as furniture toppling over, and lead to much more devastating and expensive maintenance issues, such as windows cracking or the whole house support failing.

We find that around Perth, a lot of homes with Jarrah Stumps will require replacing overtime. Its the perimeter stumps that fail usually with excess water from down pipes, paving and driveways keeping the stumped subsurface moist creating timber rot.

If you would like an inspection, please call Darryn on 0477716686

House Stump Replacement Fremantle


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